Out Reach Ministry

Majestic's “Care” Program

The Majestic's “Care” program, established in 1989, provides spiritual enlightenment and financial aid through the donation of needed supplies and equipment to the elderly, needy children, and the sick and the shut-in. Listed below are the current ministry projects of the Majestic's Care program.

Bible Drive: JMCC Bible Drives collects new and gently used bibles for distribution to other ministries/agencies, foreign, national and local, in need of bibles to help continue to spread and share the Gospel.

Shoe Drive: Majestic's Shoe Drive collects new and gently used shoes for children and adults and provides them to other ministries/agencies, foreign, national and local, helping to meet the needs of those less fortunate.

Sick & Shut-In Ministry: The JMCC visits, ministers in song, and provide toiletry items to nursing homes, assisted living facilities and senior housing developments throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. Helping Hands: Through the Helping Hands project members of the Majestic's provide volunteer manpower and physical support to public service events such as feeding programs, food and clothing drives and other community service projects.