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This interdenominational choir of 50 voices known as the "Majestics" is under the Christian leadership and spiritual direction of Dr. Kirdell S. Minor. The Majestics were organized in Washington, D.C. in 1956 at the Church of God. The Choir began with a group of young people who loved to sing and wanted to spread their music ministry outside of the walls of the church community. In 1970, the Choir was reorganized with 13 members and since its inception; the Choir has continued to spread the greatest treasure -- the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Majestic's attribute their longevity as a choir to their love for God and the inspiration they give and receive through their ministry in song. It is through their ministry of musical praise that they seek to bring souls to Christ. The choir does not sing to benefit monetarily, but to grow and benefit spiritually. God has blessed the Majestics to share their music ministry with a multitude of churches, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, television and radio stations, private concerts, and federal and District government agencies throughout the Washington metropolitan area. The Majestics have also traveled extensively throughout the United States as well as abroad in the Bahamas, Naples and Rome. In addition, the Majestics have been privileged to participate in special ceremonies such as the annual Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington, Black History Month programs, Broadway musicals, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Holiday Festival, Democratic campaign rallies, the opening of the first Washington Convention Center, and were the first gospel choir to perform at the National Education Association's annual convention, and in April 2013 performed in the stage play Love & Lies, in Washington, DC. In honor of their distinguished talents and services to the community, the Majestics have received numerous honors, awards, keys to several cities, and commendations for musical excellence, spiritual devotion, and community services.

To further demonstrate the compassion and love the choir has for others, the "Majestics Care Program" was established in 1989. "Care" provides spiritual enlightenment and financial aid through the donation of needed supplies and equipment to the elderly, needy children, and the sick and the shut-in. The Majestics are truly a loving, caring and sharing family who enjoy singing together and lifting up the name of Jesus in song.

Below is a list of songs that have contributed to the greatness; and the list continues to grow. This choir is a 501c(3) non-profit organization and does not charge for its music ministry services. For booking engagements, please contact us. If you are interested in becoming a part of the the Majestics, would like the choir to minister at your next event, or wish to make a donation to the choir or the Majestics' Care program, feel free to contact us today. Your donation is 100% tax deductible. 

List of Recordings:
Keep My Mind Lord Stayed on Thee                           Christ Our Hope
The 50th and 60th Anniversary Reunion Choir         The 55th and Ann. Celebration - Live Recording
Back Down Memory Lane (Volumes I & II)                 Sing! A Musical Trib. to Gospel Music's Pioneers
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January 14
BridgePoint Capitol Hill
700 Constitution Ave NE
Washington, DC
Time: 3:00p



The Majestic's “Care” program, established in 1989, provides spiritual enlightenment and financial aid through the donation of needed supplies and equipment to the elderly, needy children, and the sick and the shut-in. Listed below are the current ministry projects of the Majestic's Care program.

Bible Drive: JMCC Bible Drives collects new and gently used bibles for distribution to other ministries/agencies, foreign, national and local, in need of bibles to help continue to spread and share the Gospel.

Shoe Drive: Majestic's Shoe Drive collects new and gently used shoes for children and adults and provides them to other ministries/agencies, foreign, national and local, helping to meet the needs of those less fortunate.

Sick & Shut-In Ministry: The JMCC visits, ministers in song, and provide toiletry items to nursing homes, assisted living facilities and senior housing developments throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

Helping Hands: Through the Helping Hands project members of the Majestic's provide volunteer manpower and physical support to public service events such as feeding programs, food and clothing drives and other community service projects. If you would like to contribute to any of the ministry projects or requests our services for an outreach project please feel free to contact us.


Financial donations made to the Jubilee Majestic Concert Choir (JMCC) help support the expenses of the choir's music ministry. By you giving, it will enable us to provide facilities, staffing, music, robes, equipment, insurance, advertising, printing, recording expenses, and much more. Each singer in the Choir is a volunteer called to glorify God and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Some of our singers are also able to enthusiastically support the ministry financially. Most, however, cannot give beyond what it costs them personally to participate. Your financial donations are greatly appreciated and are 100% tax deductible. Patrons making financial donations will receive a verification letter for his/her tax records.  It is with this vision in mind that we embark on this fundraising Endeavour. If you wish to be a part of this experience and choose to make a donation towards this choir, please feel free to contribute today by clicking the "donation" button to the right.  The JMCC appreciates any amount you are able to contribute. Remember, your donation is tax deductible.



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Near The Cross Still Have A Praise
O The Blood Oh How Precious


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